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Quick drawings for Oofuri 69mins prompt. Forgive me Anatomy Deity ;_;
Izumi for theme delinquent(s). Hanai for theme summer/heat.

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Keep on traditional drawing =)


Today I was working on that digital art for this blog, that got stuck by weeks (due my laziness xD), but got tired really fast. Then I put apart the tablet, grab my pencil, paper, eraser, and then started on drawing this Mihashi. I was thinking that after finish would make the lineart on sai. But,…

Ookiku Furikabutte Chapter 98 Fan Scanlation


Well, I said I’d post today and I did just barely (if you’re in the right time zone).

This chapter is THE BEST though X3 it was fun to scanlate

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Hey, remember that prev? Well, just below it’s the final version. It has a lot of time, but it was very difficult >_< I know that I’m still sucking at adding color, and maybe its plain, but really, I had given my all in this ;_;

Hola, ¿recuerdan ese previo? Bueno, justo debajo está la versión final. Me tomó mucho tiempo, pero fue realmente difícil u_ú Sé que todavía apesto coloreando, y tal vez quedó algo plano, pero de verdad… ok, si no les  gusta váyanse al carajo xDDD

Ok, no, espero que sí les haya gustado ;_;

¡Así empiezo este blog!

New Oofuri tumblr blog!!!



Yes, this was my first oofuri draw that I put on tumblr. Hope you all remember!! So, I choose this for my first post. Izumi-kun’s my fav char xD

Hi there, everyone!! Now, finally (and only after a lot of time making fool of myself), I’m officially opening my Ookiku Furikabutte blog on tumblr….